• Accounting and Auditing in Business Process Management

EDUCATION PROGRAM – Accounting and Auditing in Business Process Management


Branch of knowledge 07 Management and Administration


Specialty – 071 Accounting and Taxation


The program is based on modern requirements of the labor market for the training of specialists in the field of managerial and organizational, tax and analytical, financial and economic, control and revision, accounting and auditing, scientific and research activities. This is a comprehensive program that allows the specialist to work in four main areas: accounting, auditing, business intelligence and taxation.


Course Outline

Master’s Degree

Study mode – Full time

Course duration – 1 year 4 months

Amount of Credits – 90 ECTS


The purpose of the program is to provide training for high-level professionals capable of solving complex tasks and problems in accounting, analysis, control, audit, taxation, as well as in research and / or innovations characterized by uncertain conditions and requirements.

The structure of the educational-professional program provides mastering of knowledge on accounting, taxation, control and analysis of the activities of economic entities; skills of accounting applying various forms of account and information systems; use of modern control methods; preparation of all types of reporting (financial, tax, management); analysis of economic activities of economic entities.

The program aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge of accounting, taxation, analysis, control and audit in accordance with international standards, gaining skills in research on current issues in this area.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in the double degree program within the existing cooperation agreements with leading foreign higher education establishments (HEE), internships at companies, organizations and HEE abroad.

The program is accredited by the international professional organization for certification of accountants – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) – which provides the right of simultaneous participation of students in the program “ACCA ACCELERATE” with free transcripts for 9 exams (papers) and  ACCA membership.

The peculiarity of the program is the focus on deep special training of modern accountants, analysts, specialists in various sectors of the economy, proactive and able to adapt quickly to modern changes in the market environment according to modern requirements for solving practical problems, creating specialists with new promising principles of thinking, able to apply existing research methods. Students have the opportunity to participate in short-term academic internships abroad.

The professional competencies of the educational program include the ability to develop and use accounting information to make effective management decisions at all levels of enterprise management in order to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and social responsibility of business; ability to organize the accounting process and regulate the activities of its executors in accordance with the requirements of enterprise management; ability to apply theoretical, methodological and practical approaches to the organization of accounting, control, planning and optimization of tax calculations; ability to prepare financial statements in accordance with international standards, correctly interpret, publish and use relevant information to make effective management decisions; ability to apply methods and techniques of analytical support of modern management systems taking into account the development strategy of the enterprise in conditions of uncertainty, risk and / or asymmetry of information; ability to advise the owners, management of the enterprise and other users of information in accounting, analysis, control, audit, taxation; ability to apply the acquired new knowledge and innovations to solve complex problems in accounting, auditing and taxation, as well as to adapt them to the changing environment and the requirements of sustainable development.

In educational process, there is student-centered problem-oriented learning, a combination of lectures, practical classes, solving situational problems, trainings, cases, etc., implementation of projects, research work. Approaches and learning technologies: differentiated approach, personality-oriented approach (favorable educational environment, motivation to learn, choice of learning content, self-control skills, success in self-realization, etc.), information, simulation, research technologies, distance technologies on MOODLE platforms.

During the period of study, students, in addition to the diploma of the state standard, have the opportunity to obtain international certificates “ACCA”, “M. E. Doc ”,“ Is-pro ”,“ Cambridge ESOL” and to have an internship in training firms and foreign companies on real software accounting and analytical systems, which significantly increases their competitiveness in the labor market.

Upon completion of the program, the graduate can continue his studies at the third educational and scientific level of higher education, acquire additional qualifications in the system of postgraduate education. Graduates of the program can be employed in institutions of any organizational and legal form (commercial, non-commercial, state, municipal) of all industries and forms of ownership in the following positions: chief accountant, deputy chief accountant, chief accountant, accountant I category, accountant II category, auditor, assistant auditor, chief accountant-auditor, accountant-auditor of the I category, accountant-auditor of the II category researcher (information analyst), accountant-analyst, consolidated information analyst, researcher (information analyst), researcher (audit), researcher (accounting), head of financial or economic department, inspector of fiscal service, tax consultant and fees, tax auditor-inspector, etc.


The educational program also provides training for foreign citizens.