• Management of Organizations and Administration

EDUCATION PROGRAM – Management of Organizations and Administration


Branch of knowledge 07 Management and administration


Specialty – 073 Management


The educational program focuses on special training of modern managers and entrepreneurs who are able to respond quickly to dynamic changes in the business environment for the formation of innovative, competitive business organizations and social entrepreneurship, which combines entrepreneurial innovation and social orientation to solve certain social problems that is a new and promising direction in Ukraine’s economic development.


Course Outline

Master’s Degree

Study mode – Full-time / Part-time

Course duration – 1 year 4 months

Amount of Credits – 90 ECTS


The educational and professional Master’s training program provides competencies in the field of management, organization, analytics and administration of modern business enterprises and social entrepreneurship. The program is focused on the training of highly qualified specialists who are able to identify and solve complex tasks and problems in management and administration of modern organizations, banking institutions and social entrepreneurship. It takes into account current requirements for solving practical problems by studying the relevant elective disciplines.


Graduates of the educational and professional program “Management of Organizations and Administration” can successfully work in enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership (national and international levels) and organizational and legal forms (commercial, non-commercial, state, municipal, social), state and municipal management; educational and health care institutions as managers and their deputies, executors of various services of the administrative apparatus, specialists in the fields of operational management, logistics, sales and marketing, personnel management and other positions related to management.

The main positions that can be held by a graduate of the educational and professional program: head of enterprises, institutions, organizations; administration manager; specialist in economic security of enterprises, institutions and organizations; consultant on business efficiency, production rationalization; investment analyst; specialist in project and program management in the field of tangible (intangible) production; director of an educational institution, etc.


The educational program also provides training for foreign citizens.