• Educational and Scientific Institute “Karzinsky Banking Institute”

Educational and Scientific Institute “Karzinsky Banking Institute” of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Since having started its activities as far back as World War II as Accounting and Credit Technical School this Higher Educational Institution has constantly been improving the system of education and multiplying scientific and technical base discharging with dignity its main obligation – to train highly skilled professionals for banking system of the state.

A new stage and a powerful incentive in the development of the institute was its joining V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, due to the support of which new professional opportunities became accessible for the institution. In recent years, the Institute has been rapidly introducing modern innovative technologies of staff training, has systematically and successfully been conducting scientific and research work, has been extending the cooperation with foreign counterparts.

Today Educational and Scientific Institute “Karzinsky Banking Institute” of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is the oldest among specialized higher educational institutions of Slobozhanshchina.

The Institute has the considerable experience in training specialists for financial and banking system; it has gained strong competitive position among educational institutions of Ukraine. The most important achievement for seven decades of hard work is a significant staff contribution to the development of banking of the state. The institution has trained a brilliant group of prominent and successful bankers and financiers for Ukraine.

During 70 years of the activity Higher Educational Institution has graduated more than 40 thousand highly qualified specialists. Among them there are famous Ukrainian bankers and managers, organizers of Banking, financier, professionals working in various positions in the system of the National Bank of Ukraine, commercial banks and made substantial contribution to the growth of national banking system.

The Institute provides educational services related to obtaining a complete higher education and improving staff qualification of banking institutions.

Features of learning process:

  • proactive nature;
  • end-to-end and continual practical training;
  • end-to-end computer training; the integration of educational and scientific activities and active involvement of youth in scientific research work;
  • close cooperation with leading experts of banking and financial institutions;
  • formation of knowledge and skills in foreign languages in professional field;
  • stimulation of creatively gifted youth.