• Sports and Performing Arts Center

Centre for work with youth is not just the heart of a creative and spiritual life for our students, but also a place for their leisure and talent development. The main task of the Centre is to promote the full personal development, unveil creative potential of an individual, implement aesthetic principles into everyday activity and life of students, form aesthetic attitude to the moral aspects of society life
This is a place for young, imaginative, creative, bright and positive people.
Today the Center provides alternatives with Vocal and Choreographic Societies and Club “Journalist”, which produces the student newspaper- Nasha Sprava. Moreover, the Center promoted activity of the popular Institute Comedy Club, which in 2013 became the champion of the Ukrainian Association of Comedy Clubs.
Performing Arts Clubs of the Center, namely the Choreographic Ensembles “Kontrasty”, “Komilfo”, the Fire Troupe “Vesta”, and the Vocal Ensemble “Melos” have repeatedly became laureates of national and international festivals and contests.
The national authorities have acknowledged professionalism of Performing Arts Clubs of the Institute. Pursuant to the order issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine the title “People’s Artistic Group” was awarded to the Vocal Ensemble “Melos” and the Fire Troupe “Vesta”.
Formation of socially active personality in harmony with the physical development is an important component of the educational process at the Institute. To succeed a young person needs not only professional knowledge but also skills, abilities related to formation, preservation and maintenance of a proper health level.
Today, the Institute has sufficient experience in terms of physical education of students; a number of scientific and methodological materials, training and work programs of physical education have been prepared and published.
The Institute provides the following sports sections: volleyball, basketball, soccer, health-improving aerobics, table tennis, fitness.
The main goal of the student government is primarily to assist student self-actualization that will benefit an individual, society and state.
The main tasks of the student government:
• to protect rights and interests of students;
• to assure that students’ duties are executed;
• to promote educational, scientific and creative activity of students;
• to promote improvement of living and recreation conditions of students;
• to promote creation of various student clubs, societies, associations, unions, hobby clubs and coordination thereof;
• to collaborate with the student governments of other higher education institutions;
• to promote employment of graduates.
Students of the Institute support pupils of Kharkiv boarding school for children with hearing impairments, Kharkiv boarding school №3 for children with intellectual disabilities, Chuguiv city center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children. This support is expressed not only in the organization of festive events dedicated to the Day of St. Nicholas, New Year, Children’s Day, and in the monthly assistance in dealing with domestic issues.
To meet the standards of the modern higher educational establishment Kharkiv Educational and Scientific Institute of SHEI “Banking University” created all conditions for full and comfortable student life. In particular, a modern hostel is available for students. Students reside in renovated, cozy rooms, with modern furniture and equipment.