• «Financial literacy» PROJECT REALIZATION

In 2010, at the initiative of USAID/FINREP-1, started the project on “Improving
financial literacy in Ukraine”,
creating the concept to improve financial literacy of the Ukrainian people.
The project partners:
• The National Bank of Ukraine
• University of Banking
• The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
• Public initiative “National Network of Financial Education” USAID/FINREP-І

UB initiatives were implemented on the project:
• the student’s curriculum textbook , workbook and teacher’s book for Financial Literacy Course, were legalized by the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine. An interactive e- textbook for the students’ course on “Financial literacy” to have been also developed was approved by MES;
• together with MES the institute provided teaching in 700 schools all over the Ukrainian regions. The course covered about 20 000 students of the10th form;
• together with MES and USAID was held
All-the Ukrainian tournament for Young
Connoisseurs of “Financial Literacy”
in Dnepropetrovsk.;
• the Winter schools on Financial literacy started, Ukraine was presented on the International Financial Literacy weeks «Global money week»;
• curriculum and materials to have been worked out on “Financial literacy” ran for students of the 2-4, 5-9 forms;
• an automated platform for students’ knowledge test monitoring on financial literacy started up.