Kharkiv Educational and Scientific Institute of the Banking University (State Higher Educational Institution) is a specialized multipurpose higher educational establishment that trains professionals for financial and credit system of Ukraine.

The effectiveness of training is provided with the help of modern methods, advanced educational and information technologies.
The Institute provides educational services connected with receiving a complete higher education (including for foreign citizens) and Advanced training of the banking employees.
Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Banking ensure preparation of specialists in qualification levels of “Bachelor” and “Master”.
– 071 “ Accounting and Taxation”
– 072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance”
– 073 “Management”
– 122 “Computer Science and Information Technologies”
• “Accounting and Audit”
• “Accounting and Audit in the Entrepreneurial Activity Management”
• “Accounting and Audit in Banking”
• “Finance and Credit”
• “Financial Management”
• “Innovative Activity Management”
• “Project Management of the Financial and Credit Institutions”
• “Banking”
• “Banking Safety Management”
• “Bank Services Selling Management”
• “Banking Servicing of the Agricultural Complex”
•“Business Administration”
• “Finance and Economic Safety Management”
• “Intellectual Systems of Decision-Making in Financial and Credit sphere”.
Forms of training:
full-time, part-time (distance), externship.
The center of Advanced Training provides professional development of the specialists in the sphere of finance and credit (banks, credit unions, pawnshops, financial companies, etc.) on topical issues of banking and financial activities and conducts trainings and seminars on request.