Students of the Karazin banking institute have an possibility to receive two diplomas: Karazin University Diploma and Diploma of European higher education institution – partner recognized in the European Union. On the program “Double Diploma” students can study in two education institutions simultaneously.

Training on the programs “Double Diploma” can be full-time or distance (depending on the program). The education is conduted in English.

After successful completion of the program students have the opportunity to receive two diplomas:

  • Master of the N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in chosen specialty;
  • Master of the European University in speciality according to the joint program.


The advantages of the double diploma:

  • the increase of student`s competitive advantages in the domestic labour market, the European Union and the world markets;
  • improving the knowledge of English;
  • obtaining additional professional and life experience;
  • studying cultural and traditional features of the country and aspects of its business;
  • the cost of education is lower than the exit model of studying;
  • training schedule is adapted to students.


Programs “Double Diploma“

– The Baltic International Academy (Riga, Latvia);