Applied character of training is provided by the training complex which includes Training Bank and training firms.

The Institute Training Bank and training firms are equipped with personal working places and modern computers. Real software including operating system ABC 2, Parus 8.5.2, 1C: Accounting, 7.71 C: Enterprise and others is used in the process of studying.
For interbank transactions the University has introduced two-level training in-bank payment system of the Banking University with use of payment system “Enigma” in their subdivisions. This payment system provides interaction of the Institutes’ training banks while making interbank transactions on-line.

Business relations with financial and credit institutions and enterprises of the southern and eastern regions as well as interaction and cooperation with Kharkiv Bank Union allow:
– to organize in-service and pre-diploma students practice on the basis of the long-term cooperation agreements, in particular with JSC “Region-Bank”, PJSC “Megabank”, “Bank” GRANT “, JSC” UkrSibbank”, JSC Oschadbank, JSC “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”, PJSC CB” PrivatBank “, etc.;
– to support the best students with scholarships from banking institutions;
– to involve leading banking experts into the training process and participation in scientific conferences; provide professional development of the teaching staff;
– to form the subjects of diploma theses on demand of employers with their following presentations (including those in foreign language) in banking institutions and organizations;
– to ensure total employment of the Institute’s graduates.