• Financial Technologies and Banking Management

EDUCATION PROGRAM – Financial Technologies and Banking Management


Branch of knowledge 07 Management and Administration


Specialty – 072 Finance, banking and insurance


The educational program provides a comprehensive system for training specialists with higher education at the second (master’s) level in finance, banking and insurance in the field of financial technology and banking management, who are able to solve complex problems and deal with issues during professional activities or training in the field of finance, banking and insurance.


Course Outline

Master’s Degree

Study mode – Full-time / Part-time

Course duration – 1 year 4 months

Amount of Credits – 90 ECTS


The educational and professional program is based on well-known scientific results and the current state of financial and economic activities, orients the market specialization to the development of financial technology and banking management, which caters for further professional and scientific careers in management and administration.


The program provides for the organization of independent educational and scientific work of students with the help of various, including distance, teaching methods, considering the specifics of financial technology and banking management.

Students can be involved in credit mobility programs (except for the first year of bachelor’s degree), in particular in the Erasmus + project.

Graduates can work at the national and international levels in public and private financial institutions, in particular, banking institutions and insurance companies, investment and pension funds, enterprises operating in the financial market and in the financial and legal sector as specialists in fiscal and budgetary and tax institutions, finance and credit specialists (financial monitoring, financial planning, etc.) and other positions.

Graduates can continue their studies at the third educational and scientific level of higher education (Doctor of Philosophy), acquire additional qualifications in the system of postgraduate education.


The educational program also provides training for foreign citizens.