Valeriia Y. Podchesova

Associate Professor, PhD in Economics


General information

The Faculty of Economics was established in 2008. Units within the Faculty are as follows:

  • Department of Finance and Financial and Economic Security
  • Department of Accounting and Audit
  • Department of Information Technologies
  • Department of Economic Theory
  • Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Dean’s office
  • Training firms (4)

The main tasks of the Faculty are:

– coordinating and monitoring educational process in accordance with Higher Education Standards;

– providing methodical support control;

– organization of Bachelor’s  and Master’s training in Finance and Credit, Accounting and Audit, Information Technologies as well as Specialist’s training in Finance and Credit, Accounting and Audit and Management of Financial and Economic Security; 

– development of students’ moral values, social activity, responsibility, healthy lifestyle, creativity and the ability to apply the acquired knowledge and skills effectively through patriotic, legal and environmental education;

– providing high quality education, further development of national scientific and educational traditions and increase the intellectual potential of society;

 – providing necessary conditions for the application of sudents’ skills, abilities and talents;

– improving scientific and methodological support of educational process and supervising the work of the Departments;

– organizing and monitoring scientific research and academic staff training;

– coordinating  cultural and educational work of the staff, students’ leisure activities and scholarships under current regulations.

The Faculty offers training of specialists in the following study programs:

Bachelor’s program:

Finance and Credit (area of expertise: Finance) (full-time and external study modes).

Duration of training

– 4 years (on the basis of complete general secondary education)

– 2 years (on the basis of a Junior Specialist Qualification)

Master’s programs:

  • in specialty “Finance and Credit”: Financial management of economic entities” (full-time), “Innovative Activity Management” (full-time). Duration of training: 1,5 years. 
  • in specialty: “Accounting and Audit”: “Bank Accounting and Audit” (full-time), “Accounting and Audit in the Entrepreneurial Activity Management” (full-time). Duration of training: 1,5 years.
  • in specialty: “Management of Financial and Economic Security”: “Management of Financial and Economic Security of Economic Agents” (full-time). Duration of training: 1,5 years.

Pursuant to paragraph 7 of part 1 of Article 123 of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on September 1, 2015 approved a new list of fields of knowledge and specialties.  

According to the Resolution of the CMU № 266 dated 20 April 2015 in the new 2016-2017 academic year the Faculty will provide:

Bachelor’s programs in specialties:

         071 “Accounting and Taxation”

         072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance”

Master’s programs in specialties:

071 “Accounting and Taxation” with specializations “Bank Accounting and Audit”, “Accounting and Audit in the Entrepreneurial Activity Management”


072 “Finance, Banking and Insurance” with specializations: “Financial Management of Economic Entities”, “Innovative Activity Management”.


Students that had entered higher educational institutions before this Resolution came into force, continue training according to chosen fields of knowledge and specialties.


Social protection and development of students occupy an important place in the Economic Department and are carried out in the following areas:

– control over the timeliness of the academic and social scholarships payment to students funded by the State budget of Ukraine and the National Bank of Ukraine;

– constant attention and care of the most undefended categories of students such as students-orphans, disabled students, students whose parents have veteran status, students suffering from Chernobyl catastrophe, inside refugees.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On ensuring the organizational and legal conditions for social protection of orphans and children deprived of parental care” from January, 13, 2005 № 2342-IV (as amended), the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “Some issues of scholarship provision” from March 5, 2008 № 165 (as amended), the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On improvement of education, training, social protection and material security of orphans deprived of parental care” from  April, 5 1934, the number 226 (as amended), the students of the faculty get the scholarship awarded by the State Higher Educational Institution “Banking University”, the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Kharkiv Mayor named “Talent” and the commercial banks, the size and order of appointment of which are determined by particular regulations.


Academic Staff

  • Skorikova Iryna

    Skorikova Iryna

    Methodologist the highest category

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  • Sergieieva Yulia

    Sergieieva Yulia

    Inspector first category

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  • Sokurova Yelena

    Sokurova Yelena

    Methodologist of the highest category

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Office: 309

Work phone: +38 (057) 336-82-62