• Digital Management

EDUCATION PROGRAM – Digital management in business


Branch of knowledge 07 Management and administration


Specialty – 073 Management


The educational program is aimed at training professionals with economic thinking, theoretical and practical knowledge in modern digital technologies, ready to implement digital transformation in all areas of business, build an effective strategy for digitization of business processes, ensure unity, stability and security of infrastructure at all levels of information space.


Course Outline

Bachelor’s Degree

Study mode – Full time/ Part-time

Course duration – 4 years

Amount of Credits – 240 ECTS


The purpose of the educational program is to train highly qualified, competitive professionals in management who possess fundamental knowledge and practical skills, able to ensure effective business development using digital technologies in modern social and economic conditions.

The program is based on fundamental management and general economic education, offers a comprehensive approach to effective business management in the digital economy through theoretical and practical training, focused on the use of modern information technology. The program contains a set of disciplines in the field of economics, management, computer technology, which contributes to the skills of managerial decision making in organizations (enterprises) ready for the digital transformation of business in Ukraine in the context of economic globalization.

Upon completion of the program, the graduate can continue studies at the second (master’s) level of higher education.

The program develops professional skills in making managerial decisions taking into account the changes in the field of digital technologies, market conditions, implementation of strategies for innovative development of economic organizations (enterprises), doing business in a digital economy.

The educational process is aimed at humanitarian and advanced professional, information-analytical and language training. The languages ​​of implementing educational program are Ukrainian and English.


A feature of the program is the focus on creative development and applied training of managers in the digital transformation of business. In the course of the educational process, there is student-centered and problem-oriented learning, application of educational and practical methods of motivating educational and cognitive activities, training methods, business cases, practical consultations, use of modern information and communication technologies.


Professional competencies of the educational program include the formation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in modern business management, the ability to determine the prospects of organizations, to manage the organization and its units through the implementation of management functions, to select and use modern management tools, to implement digital transformation in all areas of business and manage time, to work in a team and establish interpersonal interaction in solving professional tasks, to evaluate work performed, to ensure their quality and motivate staff, to create and organize effective communication in the management process, to understand the principles of psychology and use them in professional activities.

After graduation, the graduates of educational and professional program can successfully work at enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership (national and international levels) and organizational and legal forms (commercial, non-commercial, state, municipal, social), state and municipal government, educational institutions and healthcare institutions for the following positions: manager (manager) of organizations, administrative manager, manager of logistics, marketing manager, personnel manager, supply manager, public relations manager, manager of foreign economic activity, assistant to unit production manager, assistant to managing director of small enterprise, assistant to managing director of the enterprise (institution, organization), specialist (administration), bank employee (bank branch, other financial institution), project manager, specialist in economy, manager in the field of information technology and computer systems, specialist in data processing, placement of information on websites and related activities, web portals, etc. Graduates can work both nationally and internationally.

Applicants for higher education can undergo internships and participate in international projects under academic exchange programs, including Erasmus +, Horizon 2020.


The educational program also provides training for foreign citizens.