Borys Samorodov

Head of department, Doctor of science in Economics, Professor

ID ORCID – 0000-0002-5267-1178

ID Researcher – N-4452-2014



The main task of the department is to provide quality training highly competitive professionals for the banking system, as one of the basic principles of training is – applied character education.


Bachelor courses:

Banking analysis
Banking system
Banking law
Banking operations
Internal audit of the bank
Money and credit
Financial and banking statistics
Stock Market
Central Bank and Monetary Policy
Education Evaluation Practice
Educational practice

Master Courses:

Banking Regulations and Oversight
Banking safety
Budgeting and Controlling in Banks
Internal audit of the bank
Contractual Regulation of Financial Relations
Innovative technologies ( training course )
Credit Management
International Settlements and Foreign Exchange Operations
Legal Regulation of Bank Financial Security
Risk Management in Bank
Bank Risk Management
Bank Cost Management
Investment Portfolio Management
Management of Bank Financial Development
Bank Financial Stability Management
Bank Financial Analysis
Financial Security in Banks
Bank Financial Planning

Academic Staff


61174, Kharkiv, Peremogy Ave., 55,

room. 401 Tel.:: +38 (057) 336-05-64