• Computer Sciences

EDUCATION PROGRAM – Computer sciences


Branch of knowledge 12 Information technologies


Specialty – 122 Computer science


The educational program is based on the knowledge and skills acquired at the previous level of higher education in the fields of information and communication technologies, computer sciences and financial technologies.


Course Outline

Master’s Degree

Study mode – Full-time

Course duration – 1 year 4 months

Amount of Credits – 90 ECTS


The purpose of the program is to train highly qualified specialists who have theoretical and methodological foundations and means of creating and using information and communication technologies; able to develop, implement, use intelligent information systems for analysis and data processing in various spheres of society, in particular in the financial and banking sector.


A feature of the program is training of specialists aimed at the application of professional competencies, the use of information and communication and financial technologies. Students learn to work with big data using modern technologies, build models of distributed computing, use structural methods of data recognition analysis, etc.

The educational process is based on student-centered and problem-oriented learning principles, application of educational and practical methods of organization and motivation of educational and cognitive activities, training methods, business cases, practical consultations, use of modern information and communication technologies.


Professional competencies of the educational program are aimed at acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the use of mathematical methods and models, algorithms for data processing in information and communication systems; design and development of software using different programming paradigms: structural, object-oriented, functional, logical, with appropriate models, methods and algorithms of calculations, data structures and control mechanisms; ability to intelligent multidimensional analysis of data and its operational analytical processing with visualization of analysis results in the process of solving applied problems in the field of computer science; ability to apply the tools of creation and implementation of the latest information technologies to automate the processes of intelligent processing of multidimensional information in computer systems for analysis, processing and recognition of images, etc.

Graduates of the program become highly qualified specialists in the design and development of applied software products and technical means of their administration, implementation, operation, automation for various industries and financial and credit sphere, computer networks, information security in various fields, information processing. They are able to create and operate computer and computerized systems in various spheres of society.